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Susan Fuentes: The Voice behind 'Miss Kita Kung Christmas' [Featured Agusanon]

Miss Susan Fuentes (whose real name is Susan Toyogan) is a Visayan singer and the “Queen of Visayan Songs” in the late ‘70s and '80s. She popularized various Visayan songs like Cebuano, Boholano and Ilonggo. She was the original singer of the most famous song 'Miss Kita Kung Christmas'.

According to FREEMAN, Susan was born in Butuan City and grew up in a music-loving household. At the age of five, she was already joining amateur contests and entertaining people. Her promising talent landed her a feature in Bisaya magazine, and soon after high school, she was brought to Manila with the help a family friend to sign up with Alpha Records. Not too long after, she transferred to Gem Recording, where she was built up and packaged as the “Queen of Visayan Songs.”

To know more about here life visit this link an Interview with Freeman

Siloy (visayan) - Susan Fuentes Mp3

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