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Playing your Angry Bird could Sharp Your Mind

Play your favorite smartphone gaming apps now! You ask why?

According to a new study from the Archives of Neurology it has been prove that playing brain stimulating games can improve your memory and could delay or even prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Traditional brain games are scientifically designed to boost cognitive activity and enhance memory according to mashable.

But scientist found out that games which requires focus like Angry Birds, can give the brain a healthy exercise. Scientists said that playing games, writing and reading could slow the growth of Amyloid, the brain protein that scientists think that might be the cause of the memory loss.

The best example of this, is the one-hundred-year-old Kathleen Connell from United Kingdom. She spends a couple of hours per day playing brain games on her Nintendo DS in order to keep her mind young. Connell’s favorite games include Art Academy, Scrabble and Family and Brain Trainer. The game Brain Trainer calculated Connell’s mental age at 64, pretty amazing!

If this is true and same with the study, all of us should play brain games now, so that our brain will stay sharp.

Source: Mashable


  1. This is an interesting read. Now my husband has a good alibi when I ask him to stop paying with the birds and do something else with me.:)

  2. that's a great news Ms. Blanca....hehehehe

  3. I believe this could be true. Sometimes when my brain seems to overload, I just stop working and start looking for games. Then I just play maybe around 5-30 minutes and resume my work and my brain is working again.

    Thank you for sharing it with Joseph. Now I know why my brain seems to be pumped up when I play a game.

    This is a great benefit in playing games!

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