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Candy Mafia: Learn about them [Thai Pop]

From left to right: Garn, Nune, Milk, Nett and Bam Bam

They were called "copycats" by most of the fans of 2NE1 and 4Minute, when they first introduced their group in the music industry. Although that was the situation they didn't stop, but instead they improve much more than their first debut.

Candy Mafia, this is the name of their group. Candy Mafia is an all-girl-group from Thailand. They are famous in Pop Music and one of the TPOP or Thai Pop groups. They are currently on Mono Entertainment Co. Ltd.as one of their artists. The members of Candy Mafia are the following with a short profile:

Garn: กา ญ จ น์
Born: October 13, 1995
Height: 168cm
Weight: 48kg
Capacities: singing, dancing Hiphop, Jazz Dance, Racke, Hip Girl Cumba, Street
Education: Sarasa Witaed Rangsit School

Nune: นุ่น
Born: January 9, 1996
Height: 163cm
Weight: 49 kg
Capacities: Talking English-Chinese, dance, Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, Krump, Raggae, B-Boy
Education: Ascot International School

Bambam: แบ ม แบ ม
Born: February 18, 1996
Size: cm-
Capacities: Talking English-Chinese, singing, dancing, Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, Krump, Raggae, B-Boy
Education: Thai Chinese International School

Nett: เน็ ท
Born: September 9, 1995
Height: 161cm
Weight: 47kg
Capacities: singing, dancing, presenter, actress
Education: Ramkhamhaeng Advart International

Milk: น้อง มิ้ ว
Born: September 6, 1995
Height: 161cm
Weight: 46kg
Education: International School RUAMRUDEE

Credits to http://fyeahthaipop.tumblr.com

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