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Hawk cited in Iligan City Proper [Personal]

Hi guys! I have something to share with you.

          I was in a jeep when I saw something in the sky. It is not an UFO nor an airplane nor Superman, but a Hawk, flying around the city. Yes, in the city of Iligan, Philippines. I saw the Hawk hunting around the city and I was amazed when I saw it, because a Hawk in in a city was quiet unusual. But it is a living proof that the city of Iligan doesn’t that much polluted compared to the other cities. And also proofs that people of Iligan still loves and protect their environment. When I watched that Hawk flying around the city, I felt the calmness and the feeling of being secure and happiness and it was really great.

The above picture is not the actual scene, but it was the type of Hawk I saw, it is the Philippine Hawk.

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