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Suicide because of Skin Fungal

Courtesy of Sam Mir B

I was shocked when I saw this photo from my Facebook’s friend feeds. This photo was taken by Sam Mir B as his name on Facebook. Everyone was shocked gave their comments and suggestions, what’s yours?

A 20-year-old girl was committed suicide at Ronda, Cebu. The girl was found hanging in the house of her Uncle which was their neighbor.

Her relatives and her mother didn't know why she committed suicide which according to them, the girl doesn't have any boyfriend and she's kind, as what PO1 Benedicto Rubia also said to the Sun.Star Superbalita.

No other problems encountered to the said girl who was according to her parents and also according to them, they didn't hurt their child. But they were suspecting that maybe the fungal infection on her Groin may the reason for her suicide, which it doesn't heal whatever the medicine it use.

But it doesn’t mean that the Police of Ronda will stop the investigation, they will continue as long as the truth comes.

From SunStar Superbalita


  1. Many people suffer silently with fungal infections.

    Doctors and pharmaceuticals don't care. The just make money off of you or turn you away because they know nothing and the patent office is filled with cures that are not manufactured.

    If you do not have this problem, you will not know how evil this fate can be to children who are condemned to a life of isolation and constant covering.

    Not being able to have a relationship with another human being is cruel punishment. A life of watching others live as the fungus spreads.

    I am cursed too and am waiting to die because there is no reason to live if there is no chance of love.


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