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New Blogger Admin Interface

Hi guys! I was shocked when I opened my Blogger admin, above picture was the new interface of the Blogger. I was happy when I saw this and besides it was a clean interface. I felt like professional, blogging with this new interface makes my eyes comfortable. 

A month ago, Blogger releases their multimedia presentation about this new interface and I was really excited when I saw it. Then now, they implemented and it's great. After you log-in in the Blogger.com, just click any of you blogs and it will gave you automatically a statistics about how many viewers you have, news, etc. The Overview, Posts, Pages, Comments, etc, tabs were on the side with nice and comfortable icons.

In putting a Labels, I found out that it was better than the previous one, where you can just type the word then press Enter and it automatically put a comma and space for the next word that you will type. Every minute I think, the Saving word always showing indicate that it saved you work, you will not afraid whether it was saved or not.

It is now easy, just like singing an ABC. So Good Work Blogger!


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