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iPad 2 into a Laptop

What if you could make your iPad 2 into a Laptop by placing something on it? That is what Crux Loaded by CruxCase, a $249 clamshell enclosure that gives a keyboard and a trackpad just like any other Laptop in the market.

Both trackpad and keyboard communicate with the iPad via Bluetooth, and CruxCase arrogate the trackpad will control the iPad 2 just like when you use your iPad 2. Additional external battery tucked inside of this case for powering the Bluetooth connection and giving the iPad’s battery a bit more longetivity.

Nevertheless, don’t be dissipated by its face, which make it look like a complete PC functions with the iPad when you use this case. However, when you install a remote desktop apps on the iPad, then CruxCase  will suggests a Log Me  in Ignition, Jump Desktop or Splashtop for that chore. That won’t be as responsive as a Laptop, though, you will need a fast connection with a Mac or PC to make this work.

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