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4minute's Jiyoon reveals second solo teaser

4minute has been heated the internet world with their sexy teasers. Following HyunA’s solo teaser which was released yesterday, CUBE Entertainment let loose rapper Jiyoon’s solo teaser today!

Continuing the mirror theme, this thirty-six second video reveals Jiyoon musing at her reflection in the mirror. As she covers a part of her face, revealing two sides of herself  – the darker side versus the kinder side, more feminine one.  
Part of her lyrics:
Did I ever show all of my charisma?” she muses aloud. “Charismatic me, beautiful me, I wasn’t able to show it all.  I will show it all now, my new charisma, wait for it.
As with the previous solo teaser, the video ends with the question, “Mirror, mirror, who’s the prettiest in the world?

Source: AllKPop

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