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Friendship aka Friendship You and Me

Friendship (Thai: เฟรนด์ชิพ เธอกับฉัน) (also known as Friendship You and Me) is a 2008 Thai Romantic Teen Film starring Mario Maurer and Apinya Sakuljaroensuk (Ploy) directed by Chatchai Naksuriya. The film is around 1983 setting and is about Singha and Mituna's endless love for each other. The film starts with the present and goes back to the past of their high school days.

Singha (Mario Maurer) receives a call from Jazz, a high school friend. Jazz sets up a high school reunion from their class only. The entire bunch meets up, they had a conversation and turns into Singha's last year of high school memory. Where he met his first and only love, Mituna (Apinya Sakuljaroensuk).
At first day of their final year in high school, Singha was waiting for a bus and had seen a woman fell down. He helped the woman and rode a bus to go to school. They had two new classmates, Lam and Mituna. Mituna got late from class at that time but was excused because she was new from the school. She sat beside Jazz and in front of her is Kanda whom she became friends with. At first, Singha and her pals mocked her for being so silent. He got friends with Lam who had helped him survive under Kong who tried to kill him. Lam became close with Singha's group, hanging out with each other. Mituna hated Singha more when Singha made fun of her because they were dance partners. Until, Mituna fought back in the bus because they made fun of her because she had helped a mute woman.
From that time on, Singha had been stalking Mituna because he wanna know where she lived. He asked forgiveness to her but Mituna does not want to talk to him. Singha's group together with Jazz and Kanda asked Mituna's mom to have Mituna be with them in their project. They went upcountry and helped educate kids by giving them handouts and others. In a bonfire that night, Singha opened up his feelings by telling his most and second most favorite flower whom he referred as Mituna. He wanted to give the bright side of Mituna.
Mituna's pal and Singha's group became close to each other and helped fix Mituna's house. The group goes out together in resort and the skate club. Until, Singha and Mituna had fallen in love with each other. Lam got killed by Kong that brings sorrow to the group. Singha gave Mituna a paper to sign for their friendship book. She went home and had known that they had to move upcountry. In the final exam day, Mituna lied to Singha by telling him that she had to go upcountry for few days. After taking the last exam, she leave a note to Singha that they would talk at the result day.
Prior to the result day, Singha's father was transferred and they had to move. On the result day, Singha decided to wait for Mituna but changed his mind because of his friends. He got drunk and had fallen asleep. He woke up and look for Mituna in school and in her house. He ended up in the park waiting for her even if it is raining. He was caught by the cops but was recognized as son of a sergeant.
After the reminiscence, his friends told him at the reunion that if Mituna wanted to see him, she had showed up. He had to go upcountry for his job and found Mituna's mother. Mituna and Singha met each other again but Mituna was sicked and they talked whole night. Early morning, Mituna died listening to Singha. Her mother gave him Mituna's thing who she wanted to be given to Singha. Singha read her notes and found out the day she transferred in that school, she found Singha who is the most important person in her life. He found out that it was Mituna's mom whom he had helped that day. The marigold flower he gave to Mituna's mom was kept by her and became the reason why she loved marigold. He found out that Mituna had kept her promise to talk to him at the exam result day but ended up searching for him in his house and in the park. She was afraid they will never say goodbye to each other. She tried to go back to school but she failed.

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