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Radiophones or mobile phones or also known as Cellphone nowadays, this device has been played a great role to us. Communication, entertainment, fashion- as what cellphone's of today are doing. But this device from its birth, it function as a communication device, where you can call, then text comes next.

Communication is an important to us, humans, and with this communication we build strong relationships to the other, help each other, and aware to what are happening to our surroundings. And without communication- the world will be in chaos.

Way back in 1950's, where this device was used by the army in a military operation. Cellphone's or radiophones as what the army called it. And text was introduced, and now, 2010- cellphone has changed its features to the highest level. Cellphone nowadays can be used as an alternative personal computer or laptop or a digital camera, where it has the features where you can access the world wide web, send electronic mails (e-mail), join or view your friends on a social network, capturing pictures, video streaming and taking video or even save your file through its built-in flash memory or in a memory card and you can also view your favorite television shows live using its analog t.v. feature. The technology of cellphone is getting higher and higher, in order to satisfy the needs of the individuals- what comes next?

Whoa! I am talking too much about cellphone- you know why? When I was 10 years old, I saw a lady holding something and it has a word on the top of a square that emits a green light, I read it, and it was N-O-K-I-A, then I was amazed when she started to push the buttons printed with a letter and a number. And I was so amazed that every buttons she pressed there was a corresponding effect to the square green light emitter. Then my friend surprisingly told me that the thing that I was watching is called CELLPHONE, and in that very moment I told myself to have that thing (Cellphone), someday.

Yes, the time has come, my mother bought me a cellphone and I was so happy. But after a few months-eh- the cellphone's casing or other called it housing was easily damage, so I went to market and find a suitable casing for my cellphone but a great disaster faced me, “NO AVAILABLE CASING FOR YOUR UNIT BECAUSE IT IS AN IMITATION”, when I heard that to the vendors, I felt like a great wave of water covered me and the soil ate me as I stand in the middle of the market. I can't explain what I felt, my mother was blaming me because for her I was careless, careless, careless- and because of that she said that she will not give me a cellphone anymore and she wants me to suffer to that damage cellphone. Until when I entered my second year in college, my cellphone was in the cleft of life and death, sometimes it shutdown surprisingly, sometimes when I push a button on its keypad it will turns off, and because of that, no one will ever ask me a favor (like they want to text), and it affects my social life, my relationship to my parents, because I can't text them monthly, and my anti-stress session, where I used my cellphone in playing and taking pictures because it is my way of releasing my stress.

And now it is my chance! When Nuffnang emailed me about the contest Your Nokia C7 Wish This Christmas May Come True! Contest, I was so happy that God gave me a chance to have my dreamed Nokia cellphone, because for me, Nokia showed me its durability and quality.

When I read the specifications of Nokia C7, my urges to have this cellphone is increasing. Where another Nokia's durability and stylish phone was in the market today, according to its specification, it has a sleek design constructed from stainless steel for its durability and glass. It makes your images and videos look sharp because of its 3.5” high-resolution display which I like it because my eyes loves a sharp images. I am slightly busy person, that is why I like having shortcuts, especially the application services. And it has this touchscreen technology that can recognize finger gestures- pinch to zoom, flick to scroll and tap to select.

Aside from liking its durability and stylish features, I am a friendly person, in my account on facebook, I think only 45 percent of friends list are the person that I really know and for me, it doesn't matter if I don't know that person, because for me- we are both equal, and I don't care if they are with the same sex, opposite sex, ugly, pretty, handsome, and I hate discrimination. I Super Like the Social Networks!

Another thing that I like most in Nokia C7, is the Applications that Ovi Store provides. I am an Apps. man, I love searching new applications that will help my daily activities and being more productive. Apps. includes games, as what I have said before, to release my stress, I need to play a game, which this Nokia C7 have. I love Ovi!

I can't easily memorize the directions of that place when that is my first time to visit that place, that is why I can be easily lost. I'm so afraid to be lost and I know you too. That is why, Nokia C7 will be a great help for me because of its GPS navigation and Maps features. Bye, bye Lost!

The thing that Nokia C7 I love most, is its entertainment features. I am a frustrated cameraman, when I was a child my father didn't like me to be a photojournalist in our school because for him, he doesn't like to see his son taking pictures for others, and that is why I was just sitting around watching those cameraman taking pictures and hoping to have a camera. And when someone want to have picture and ask me to be their cameraman, I feel great, and that feeling will become much better if I heard that they like the pictures that I have taken. And I told myself that someday, I will have a camera and I will do my best to make those people around me to become happy as they see my pictures and be amazed to what the beauty of our world.

When I met my friend that loves cellphone, he introduces to me the Symbian operating system of Nokia. And it truly amaze me, it is like a personal computer, which every new release Nokia, we are playing a guessing game- where we guess what type of Symbiam O.S. it has, either S40 or S60.

And this will summarizes, why I like Symbian:

  • Customize your phone in more ways than ever.
  • Easier, more intuitive touch screen controls.
  • Run multiple apps without sacrificing battery life.
  • Develop your own apps with ease.
Cellphone is important to us nowadays, especially the students faraway from their parents, just like me. Cellphone makes someone more productive, but for only to those who has a truly knowledge on how to use it. And now Christmas is coming, I want to build a strong relationship to my family, and I truly needed that kind of cellphone to be more productive, especially with my course, and Electronics Engineering Technician. And that is my wish this coming Christmas, hoping that my wish will become true. A NOKIA C7

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