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Vampire Diaries the Review

Damon (Left), Elena (Center) and Stefan (Right)

November 20, 2010, Saturday night- when I first saw this series that makes me awake until dawn. When I saw it, I appreciate the smoothness of the series (I mean the Colors), it looks like I'm watching a movie. The actors and actresses of this series are so professional, they act as what is suitable for the character they have played.

The storyline runs with these three (3) people named, Stefan (a vampire and boyfriend of Elena), Damon(the brother of Stefan and also a Vampire that has a feelings for Elena) and Elena (an ordinary human who fell in love to a vampire named Stefan). These three played a great role on this Fiction story of Vampire Diaries.They encountered Werewolves and this vampire that was being a lover of Stefan and Damon, this Vampire looks like Elena which is a mystery for them why both of them (Elena, and Katherine- a vampire) have the same face.

Other than Katherine, there were The Originals who wants to get Elena which is the key for breaking the Curse of the Sun and Moon and becoming a sacrifice (Elena must be killed) is the only way to break the curse.

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