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Top 24 Richest Man in the World

Carlos Slim Helu

Special Report

The World's Billionaires

03.10.10, 06:00 PM EST 

1Carlos Slim Helu & familyMexico7053.5Mexico
2William Gates IIIUnited States5453.0United States
3Warren BuffettUnited States7947.0United States
4Mukesh AmbaniIndia5229.0India
5Lakshmi MittalIndia5928.7United Kingdom
6Lawrence EllisonUnited States6528.0United States
7Bernard ArnaultFrance6127.5France
8Eike BatistaBrazil5327.0Brazil
9Amancio OrtegaSpain7425.0Spain
10Karl AlbrechtGermany9023.5Germany
11Ingvar Kamprad & familySweden8323.0Switzerland
12Christy Walton & familyUnited States5522.5United States
13Stefan PerssonSweden6222.4Sweden
14Li Ka-shingHong Kong8121.0Hong Kong
15Jim WaltonUnited States6220.7United States
16Alice WaltonUnited States6020.6United States
17Liliane BettencourtFrance8720.0France
18S. Robson WaltonUnited States6619.8United States
19Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal AlsaudSaudi Arabia5519.4Saudi Arabia
20David Thomson & familyCanada5219.0Canada
21Michael Otto & familyGermany6618.7Germany
22Lee Shau KeeHong Kong8218.5Hong Kong
23Michael BloombergUnited States6818.0United States
24Sergey BrinUnited States3617.5United States
24Charles KochUnited States7417.5United States

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