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Pacquiao vs. Margarito: Live Streaming, Commercial Free and Free of Charge

Pacquiao's fight, a time where the television is always busy and the people are so excited yet interruptions due to advertisements, and it will make you angry because, you'll get the news late. Then there's the radio, where you're updated but you can't see what happened, only the descriptions given by the radio anchor. 

And because of that problem, here comes PLDT Watchpad that gives you a live and commercial free experience during Pacquiao's fight. Is it a pay per view? The answer is no, it is FREE, Yes! You heard it, it's F-R-E-E! Only PLDT Watchpad gives you a live, commercial free and FREE of charge Pacquiao's fight watching experience.

To be able to use the service, you must have a connection speed of 768 kbps or higher for optimized viewing of the fight. For Plan 990 subscribers, you need to
upgrade to Plan 1299. 

Be sure to reserve your slots as a PLDT Watchpad User for the big fight. This is something that we should not miss. Visit the link now and reserve your slot.

If you're not yet a PLDT Watchpad user, sign up now to PLDT Watchpad athttp://www.pldtwatchpad.com/SignUp.html and enjoy the benefits!

Like PLTD Watchpad on Facebook and follow PLTD Watchpad on Twitter to keep in touch with their amazing services which will surely make you watch on that pad.

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