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Pchy: A short feature

       Talented….cute….versatile….and has the sweetest smile; this is how most of his fans describe him.
Born on 20th of July 1989 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the wife of Mr. Hiranyawongkul gave birth and it was a boy, and named the boy, Witwisit Hirayawongkul and today he is popularly known as Pchy (pronounce like Pitch).
    At his early age, Witwisit shows his talent in singing, and as he grows up, his talent also develops. Witwisit spent his 12 years of education at a Catholic school namely Monfort College, a prestigious school in Chiang Mai. And because of his passion in singing and having this pleasing personality, he was discovered by Chukiat Sakweerakul, a writer/director/ and an alumnus of their school where Witwisit attended.
According to my sources, Witwisit’s first break in the entertainment industry was the movie Love of Siam (Rak Haeng Siam), as he portrayed the role of Mew, a child that seeks the meaning of love. But this movie isn’t easy for him, because there was a scene that he will kiss the lips of Tong, Mew’s childhood friend, portrayed by his co-artist and super model Mario Maurer. But according to Witwisit, he had a great trust to his director and mentor which was Chukiat, that he will present the scene in a good way. After the movie Love of Siam, more projects was given to him and he was given the chance to play the role of Taewet in the series entitled “Sai Sueb Delivery” (Detective Delivery). And also he became the lead singer of the August Band which was founded because of the movie Love of Siam. And there were more guesting’s and shows that was given to him.
      But just like the other youth in his age, he focuses first on his education, in which, he decided to enroll himself to Thammasat University in Bangkok with the course, Mass Communication major in filming and screen writing.
    Witwisit’s favorite saying is “No one is Perfect”, in which he reminding us that he is also a human who committed mistakes just like the others. And because of this, more people admired him, because of being humble and kind to the others.

Author’s Note: I hope that we will meet soon, Mr. Witwisit “Pchy” Hiranyawongkul.

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