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Pchy and Mario Love Affair 2

Pchy: Good Morning Mario!
Mario: Hey! Wazzup!
Pchy: Are you going to the park tonight?
Mario: I don’t know, why do you ask?
Pchy: There will be a party, and all the people in our community are invited.
Mario: So- are you going?
Pchy: if you-
Mario: Okay! I’ll go, so you must go too.
Pchy: Okay! 7:00 o’clock in the evening at the park
Mario: Okay! So you later! But I’ll just drop by in your house, so just wait for me!
Pchy: Okay! I’ll just wait you in my house!
(6:40 pm)
The Door Bell is ringing..
The Door is opened by Pchy.
Mario: Good evening, Pchy
Pchy: So there you are! Are you ready?
Mario: Yup! We just ride on my car
Pchy: So- you bring your car, huh!
Mario: Yup- so that we will not be late
Pchy: Okay! Then, Let’s Go!
Pchy and Mario are on the car, going to the park for the party.
Mario: I’m just curious- is it okay to ask you something?
Pchy: It is okay- so what do you want to know?
Mario: Do you have a girlfriend already?
Pchy: Huh? Am…
Mario: Just don’t mind my question-
Pchy: None, I don’t have any girlfriend yet
Mario: Are you sure?
Pchy: Yes, I’m sure- why did you ask about that?
Mario: Ahm… nothing just don’t mind my question, I’ve just wondering something.
They arrive on the park exactly at 7:00 pm.
What will happen to their conversation? What do you want to happen between the two?
If you have any comments or suggestion about the flow of the story, just put your comments and suggestions on the comments section. Thank you so much for the cooperation, I hope you will never stop supporting me.


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