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Nostradamus and UFO's are actually a TIME TRAVELRS

February 27, 2010, at pass 11 p.m., my friends and I were talking about the movie The Time Traveler’s Wife, and my friend Emman  became our storyteller at that moment. And suddenly we went to the topic about Nostradamus prophecies, where my friend Emman told us that Nostradamus might be a time traveler. Because according to Nostradamus prophecy especially the 9/11 attacked, he represents the two airplanes as a two great birds as well as the Twin Tower as a two great towers. I said to them that might Nostradamus saw that event actually. And Emman said that Nostradamus has a different language and can’t speak English, so maybe that is why he failed to communicate with the people of New York. And maybe that is why he failed also to determine those things he saw because no one will talked to him because of his language and weird dress.
Another topic we discussed where about the UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) sightings. I told them that these UFO sightings might be another time traveling event. You ask me why I said that, because first of all, UFO’s were suddenly disappeared without any marks and they have this time limit and maybe because they didn’t actually perfect the time traveling. The second one is they want to show us that we must pursue the project that Hitler proposes, to make a plane without a wings, in which will be a shaped of a plate or a disk. And that is why they these UFO showed upon us to tell us that we have the opportunity to time travel and to make those flying objects.
    We are now on the advancement of technology; we can do now more things than before. And some how, we will achieve this time traveling for the next few years, because we create this concept of time traveling so it might be a guide to us that we will achieve it.


  1. Nostradamus actually met a time traveler from the year 2500, he could use the time machine of this time traveler and he "saw" all those future events.
    Not everything Nostradamus wrote will happen exactly since he also had a mental derangement in the end.


Thanks for the comment

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