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Agusan Gold Image: One of a Kind

The Agusan Gold Image also known as The Golden Tara was found in Esperanza, Agusan del Sur. According to the history, The Golden Tara was found by a Manobo woman named Bilay Campos on July 1917 at the river bank of Wawa river of the said town. The word Tara was a Sanskrit name which is a Goddess from the religion Valjryana Buddhism.

From GMA's documentary in titled "Philippine Treasure", according to Bilay's grand daughter, Aling Constancia , the Golden Tara was stolen and never been gave to anyone, which according to the history, it was given to  Baclagon then passed to Agusan Coconut Company, because of debt. Then H. Otley Beyer tried to sell the image to the National Government of the Philippines for its National Museum but unfortunately the government doesn't have enough money to buy the image. The said image was above 18-Karat and a height of 7 inches.

But since 1920, the Field Museum has been its home.

To learn More about the Golden Tara, watch the video below as GMA's Docu: Philippines Treasure describe and will show to us the original Golden Tara.

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