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OPERA MINI 6.5 is now availble for iOS and other OS

The newest Opera Mini 6.5 is now available for iOS, S60, J2ME and BlackBerry platforms.
Opera Mini is also available for Symbian, MeeGo and Maemo, in the form of Opera Mobile 11.5.

The updates arrive three weeks after Opera released Opera Mini 6.5 for Android and some changes are pretty much the same, but most important feature of this Opera Mini is the counter, in which, it shows exactly how much data you have spent and saved using Opera Mini.

On its homepage (Opera), it has also put a global counter that show how much data all its users have saved since November 2, 2011. The counter counted over 230 terabytes. This new version has an autoCorrect and spellcheck features.

Source: Mashable

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