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Sony Camcorder with Projector Inject

Are you a type of guy who usually took videos or pictures whenever you want? Is it annoying that every time you took a video or picture, everyone was hurry to see what’s on your Camcorder?

If it is, Sony gives you a solution. Introducing Sony’s HDR-PJ50 Handycam that looks like an ordinary Camcorder, but the outside viewscreen has a special secret: a built-in mini projector with 60-inch image on wall or ceiling.

Side View

Some says, why did they do that? What is the purpose? Obviously, every time you used your camcorder people like to see the footage you’ve shot right then and there. Instead of huddle together around a very small viewscreen, you can create your own mini-cinema for all to see.

Rear View

What about the sound system of it? Sony says it’s got that covered. The device is adorned with “Clear Phase” stereo speakers with a digital amplifier pumping out “true-to-life sound.”

Although Sony is not the first company that offer a camera and projector combo. Here are, Nikon with its Coolpix S1000 PJ last 2009, followed by 3M Shoot ‘n Share and ViewSonic with DVP5 projector camcorder. But these brands were looked more like still cameras, unlike Sony that retain the traditional image of a camcorder.


Is its projector watchable and the quality is good? Sony brought high quality games and devices, which since Sony Asia Pacific is selling this product for an engross $1,350, in India. That pricing could be too risky, because though micro-projectors have come a long way since they first come out on the stage few years ago, but even the most powerful models are still giving its best when you watch in the dark.
Front View

Nevertheless, a projecting camcorder could be fun to you and to your friends and fellow partiers. And you will understand Sony’s strategy of adding value to a mature camcorder market, it is in order to keep video hobbyists on their field and will not abandon and change it with smartphones.

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  1. This is one cool gadget. No need to buy a projector, a two in one device.

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