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Secrets and Happenings of Bill Gates

Everybody for sure, wants to know what is or are things about the founder of Microsoft’s life. Because of being the second richest man in the world, life was so private. An interview was conducted by Ms. CAROLINE GRAHAM in SEATTLE of Daily Mail – read the full story at the Daily Mail. At this interview, some pieces of Gates’ secret happenings in life had been revealed.

1.    Billionaire by Travis McCoy was the song that his children used to tease him.

2.     $28 billion dollars was donated to his charity.

3.     $10 million dollars will be inherited by his three children, currently aged 15, 12 and 9, although Gates wouldn't disclose that amount on the interview.

4.     U2 star Bono was not invited Gates at the backstage instead Bono stayed at the house of Gate that night.

5.     Currently focusing his career to his $37.1 billion charitable foundation, Gates said that returning to Microsoft will be only a part-time involvement, he will focus this charitable career.

6.     Why try to cure malaria instead of cancer? He says, “The world is putting massive amounts into cancer, so my wealth would have had a meaningless impact on that.”

7.     He chaffers for good prices on vaccines: “We are super-smart about what we pay. We get price reductions. We can track how many kids get the vaccines.”

8.     People in the Third World Countries have no idea about him, as he says, “They don’t know who I am, because it doesn’t relate to their world. I went to one place with the chief minister and someone said, ‘Who is this guy?’ and the chief minister said, ‘This is a white-skinned guy I brought with me.’

9.     He has a Twitter account but had a problem on his Facebook account: “…Because the friend requests got out of hand.”

10.  The Secret: Gates unknowingly revealed that his friend, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is engaged to his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan. At the interview, Gates was talking about Zuckerberg and referred Chan as Mark’s “fiancée Priscilla.”

Update: On that “fiancée” slip-up, it could be that Bill was wrongly assuming the couple was engaged. According to Business Insider:
“Facebook’s head of communications Elliot Schrage suggested that Bill Gates was mistaken. ‘If [Mark is engaged, Bill Gates] knows something I don’t know. Gates’s communications guy just wrote to apologize for the misunderstanding.’”
[via the Daily Mail]
Original Info from Daily Mail
Summary from Mashable and CNN
Photo Courtesy from TG Daily

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