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Happy Valentines Day Everyone

Happy Valentines Day!

February 14, 2012, huh, the day of LOVE. I know some of you will said, Love is everyday! But this day, that LOVE that you are experiencing everyday will be amplified this day. Amplified? Yes! I know that some of you now are planning to have a date, give the best shot that you have, and how to express the love that you are holding now.

 Most people give a surprise, candlelight dinner under a tree that full of lights, the tablecloth is red, a candle is either red or just an ordinary candle, a violinist is ready to play his violin with the nicest love song that he or she had, your eyes are staring each other while holding a wine glass. How romantic, isn't it?

Oh, how I wish that I can give that to my secret love one.


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