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Blogging: My Hobby

    Blogging is now a famous hobby in some people out there, not only on teenagers or on young ones but also to those young at once, because in blogging you will find new friends, it is somewhat like a social network. However, some did not find it a hobby, but a way to earn money online, to earn dollars, to gather advertisers, to become famous, etc. Nevertheless, do you still remember- when, what, where, why, whom, how did you find blogging first?

    The first time I have heard about blogging was from my Environmental Science teacher in high school. It was 6:40 am in the morning, most of the arm chairs were vacant because it was so early that my other classmates were still in there bed. Our teacher told us to write or it is better to call it an easy, we must make an easy about our environment today and we must create our own blog. I ask my self, “What is a blog?” Right away, our teacher explained to us what blog, is really about. He said that blogging or making a blog, or a blog is somewhat you are sharing your knowledge to the people around the world. In addition, he said that people around the world can read our articles and they can give their comments right away in your blog.

    When I’ve heard that, I felt so excited, not because we will go to the Computer Laboratory to use the computers, but I am so excited to publish my own article in the World Wide Web, and see how people give a reaction to my works. Moreover, at that time, I didn’t have any knowledge about having an advertisement or earning money through blogging, but at that time, my true concern is to share my knowledge to everyone and to share my experiences to everyone.

    So, have you remembered now the first time that you’ve heard the word blogging? Do you have a story out there? If you have, don’t be afraid to share it, don’t be afraid to tell anyone. Share it! Do it!

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