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Revolution OS: Reaction Statement

I bumped into him (Craig Mundie of Microsoft) in an elevator. I looked at his badge and said, "ah, you work for Microsoft."

He looked back at me and said, “Oh ya, and what do you do?”
And I thought it was some kind of tad dismissive, here is a guy in a suit looking at a scruffy hacker. . . so I gave him a thousand yard stare and said, "I am your worst nightmare!"
                                                                                                                —Eric S. Raymond

As we all know, people loves freedom, people loves free things, and people loves sharing to each other. This is the concept that the people behind the open source movement.

In the documentary, Revolution OS, it shows why Richard Stallman hates those proprietary software makers, according to him, they took the right of the people to develop and make the things more productive. And for me it is right, and I agree with Richard Stallman’s philosophy, because for me, in a scenario like, if I have software, and the software is having a trouble, the company who make the software can only solve the problem, unlike with the Open Source, many people can help me and by giving the source code to them, they can debug the software and enhance it according to the user’s like. And, I’m so glad that there is a person like them who loves sharing their knowledge to the whole world without any fee.  And also, thanks to Linus Torvalds, who made the Kernel for the GNU project of Mr. Stallman, in which the Kernel is the most important part of an Operating System.

Overall, the documentary is great and informative to those computer lovers.

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