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Iligan State University's: Pasakit Hymn

(To the tune of Manny Villar, cpa latest political  ad jingle)
made by unknown i.i.tian student

Nakakuha ka na ba nang grado na basura?
Nagsunog ka na ba nang kilay hanggang umaga?
'Yan ang tanong namin--seventy five nga ba ang passing?
Naisip mo na ba, bakit nag-aral ka pa?
Todo-effort tayo ba't walang pagbabago?
At mas mabuti pa kung matulog tayo!

I.I.T.- ang tunay na mahirap
I.I.T.- ang tunay na puro pasakit
I.I.T.- ang may kakayahan na malimutan ang sariling pangngalan

I.I.T.- lang..ang magtatapos nang ating....kasiyahan!!!


  1. Iligan State University diay na? MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology ang name sa school? Bugoon ka choi.

  2. Hello Readers,

    I have been reading on the Internet about this perverted foreign national Gordon Elletson and find it greatly disturbing. One very disturbing post was on Topix as it had the victims , Xavier Madlangbayan, own mother Margie Madlangbayan stating in no uncertain terms that this predator has caused her son a great amount of psychological distress as the victim now worries that the foreign predator , Gordon Elletson, will hit him again. I honestly hope that the victims grandfather Dr. Severino Madlangbayan will take time out of his political campaigning to bring his grandsons abuser to justice. I think he is doing a admiral thing in seeking a city council seat in Iligan City but I hope he also has not given up on bringing his grandsons abuser to justice.

    Below is a cut and pasted posting written by the victims mother, Margie Madlangbayan of Iligan City Philippines:


    “PNP here in Iligan failed to deliver the subpoenas to our door for the three consecutive times they were supposed to.
    this is what the Prosecutor’s office is using to re-open the case.there is no “due process of law.”
    both my parents and i were present in the hearing last nov.20.and so was xavier.gordon was absent.his lawyer was there vying and fighting,as he is paid to do,but assistant prosecutor Sandra fought with her tooth and nail.we are still waiting for the resolution to arrive.i sent a text to Fiscal Macauyag,there is no resolution yet.
    the judge looked at my kid and probably saw his own grand child,just a bigger version for doy is a big boy,he was even mistaken by gordon as being 12years old,but when the incident happened,he was just 7years old,and that was last year.
    he kept asking
    “mommy,is Gordon going to be there?what if he hits me again?”
    i told him:
    “Xavier,he will pay for what he did.He will never put his hands on you again,over my dead body.”
    i know i haven’t posted much updated,thus the question why i have been so quiet… but trust me people,i haven’t forgotten what that man did to my son.i’m just being silent.watching.waiting.if the case doesn’t get reopened,do not assume it is over.all this is far from over.it has just begun”


Thanks for the comment

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